Boulay provides administrative, operational, and special project assistance to over 80 wholesale and retail distributors. We help them with:

Offering audit, review and compilation services tailored to meet financial reporting needs, personal financial statement preparation for key individuals to improve surety and banking relationships and increase bonding capacity, job and equipment cost evaluations for equipment purchase or lease decisions, and contract review and analysis.

Analyzing the cost components of a real estate project by segregating costs for depreciation purposes as personal property, land improvements or building.

Determine the most beneficial LIFO method, value LIFO inventories, and analyze financial reporting income tax effects of LIFO inventory decisions.

Assess procedures and practices through the entire supply chain and assist in developing and implementing improvements where needed.

Ensures accountability and minimize the risk of inventory loss.

Determine distribution costs to include (capitalize) in the value of ending inventories for compliance with IRS regulations.

Preparation of tax returns, representation and assistance in tax examination, business transaction planning, consulting on the acquisition, sale or liquidation of a business and income tax consequences, joint venture structure analysis and implementation, estate and succession planning.


Wholesale Distribution Focus