Internal Audit

Internal Audit is a critical risk management activity that helps organizations identify and effectively resolve internal control deficiencies. With today’s regulatory environment, companies are investing heavily in ensuring sound risk management practices. As the “last line of defense", Internal Audit can help organizations avoid costly fines, penalties and reputational damage associated with regulatory non-compliance as well as improve operational efficiency.

How we help you get there

Our Internal Audit (IA) team supports organizations and audit departments in achieving their risk management objectives through IA outsourcing, co-sourcing and consulting engagements. Boulay’s experienced CPAs and audit professionals can assist organizations in:

  • Developing risk-based audit plans
  • Planning and scoping audit engagements
  • Fieldwork testing
  • Determining the impact and root cause of identified issues
  • Developing action plans to remediate issues
  • Reporting audit results to Management
  • Validating issues have been adequately addressed

Our team also has extensive Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) experience and can assist companies in developing a new SOX compliance program as well as perform testing over existing SOX controls.

Boulay’s IA professionals have experience in a wide range of industries and unique subject matter expertise to ensure that organizations can effectively manage their operational and regulatory compliance risk.