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Wealth management

The Benefits of the Catch-Up Retirement Plan after TCJA

Catch-up contributions are contributions made beyond the annual limits to certain retirement accounts. These catch-up contributions should help taxpayers who did not save enough in the past to meet the differences by catching up with higher contributions. There are certain benefits to taking advantage of the catch-up retirement plan in 2019 after changes put into place by the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA). Contact our experienced financial planners if you would like more information about setting aside more savings this year.

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November Economic Update

Third Quarter 2018 Market Perspective

October Economic Update

Do You Qualify for the Section 1202 Stock Sale Gain Exclusion?

Take a second to investigate whether you could qualify for a 100% exclusion on the capital gains of the sale of your C corporation stock.

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September Economic Update

New TCJA Rules for Roth Conversion

You will not be able to covert your 2018 Roth IRA like in the past, but as of right now, 2017 IRA conversions are still eligible. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has had far reaching effects across the board, and Roth IRA conversions are no exception.

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August Economic Update

Second Quarter 2018 Market Perspective

July Economic Update

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