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Second Quarter 2019 Market Perspective

Second Quarter 2019 Market Perspective

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Accumulation vs. Distribution: The Give and Take of Retirement

When you meet with your financial advisor, most of your conversation centers around accumulating wealth and preparing for retirement. During your conversation, you may hear these two terms: Accumulation Phase and Distribution Phase. While these concepts are relatively easy, you may not always make the connection between the two phases until your financial consultant lays it all out for you. The bottom line is this: How much wealth you build up during your working years (accumulation), will depend on how well you live during your retirement years (distribution).

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First Quarter 2019 Market Perspective

What is Market Volatility?

Market volatility is a statistical measure of the tendency of a market or security to rise or fall sharply within a short period of time. It is typically measured by the standard deviation of the return of an investment. Standard deviation is a statistical concept that denotes the amount of variation or deviation that might be expected.

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Are Your Employee Benefits Going to Last Through Retirement?

Your 401(k) or social security may not be enough to provide you sufficient retirement. You may want to explore other retirement options such as a Roth IRA, HSA, or brokerage account.

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Millennials: Here’s Your Guide to Retirement Essentials

If you are a millennial, you’re in a perfect position to start planning for your retirement. The sooner you start, the more opportunity you have to build wealth and position yourself for a comfortable (and possibly early) retirement. You’ll also be among the 72% of your generation who have already begun saving. The key to creating a secure retirement is maximizing your return on investment (ROI) over time.

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Fourth Quarter 2018 Market Perspective

The Benefits of the Catch-Up Retirement Plan after TCJA

Catch-up contributions are contributions made beyond the annual limits to certain retirement accounts. These catch-up contributions should help taxpayers who did not save enough in the past to meet the differences by catching up with higher contributions. There are certain benefits to taking advantage of the catch-up retirement plan in 2019 after changes put into place by the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA). Contact our experienced financial planners if you would like more information about setting aside more savings this year.

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November Economic Update

Third Quarter 2018 Market Perspective

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