For many years, our tagline at Boulay has been "Helping You Get There", a phrase that emphasizes our firm's hallmark approach to meeting your business and personal goals. This commitment has not changed as we navigate and respond to the changes we are all experiencing during this time. 


As we continue to be fully operational, while mostly remote, we are committed to maintaining the timeliness and quality work you are accustomed to with Boulay. Our goal is to ensure key functions of our business operate seamlessly so essential services continue uninterrupted.


With uncertainty comes questions, and as your business and financial advisors, we are here to help. On our website and through the attachments below, you will find guidance on:



We appreciate your trust and hope that you can continue to reach out to Boulay as your trusted advisor with your questions and concerns. We plan to continue to develop, update, and share guidance with our team members and clients as our world changes.




Steve Behrns

Managing Partner