Boulay, Recordkeeping, Time ManagementLet your financial fears melt like lemondrops.

March 24, 2016  |  7:30 - 9:30am


Owning a business is an ambitious and exciting quest, but it is also intimidating. One unexpected tornado can have you clicking your heels and wishing you were back at square one. The important financial decisions you make now will affect where you land down the road, so it's important to seek wisdom from money-smart professionals who can guide you in the right direction.


Sign up today for our Money Smart seminar and get the financial brains you need to have confidence in your choices and belief in your potential to succeed. The next companions you'll meet are:


Financial Management

Leader - Tom Losey, Boulay


  • Learn why financial management is important to a small business
  • Identify financial management practices, rules and tools that are commonly available to a small business
  • Understand how these financial management practices, rules and tools work
  • Learn financial management basics for a small business


Credit Reporting

Leader - Kelly Dunn, First Resource Bank


  • Learn about credit reporting's impact on the operation or growth of a small business
  • Identify credit reports used to assess the risk of extending credit to a small business, and learn how they work
  • Learn about business practices and products, tools and services to help in proper credit reporting
  • Understand strategies for building or improving business credit