Insider Tips to Navigate the Complicated College Process and Save Lots of Money

September 28, 2017  |  7:45 - 9:30am


Parents of high school and college-bound students will not want to miss hearing a national expert provide strategies to help families navigate the complicated college process and save tens of thousands of dollars. College is now the second largest purchase most families make in their lives, yet most know more about buying a television. This workshop will cover common mistakes families make in selecting a college, myths about financial aid, and how to significantly reduce your cost. Planning ahead and developing a strategy for the college process is crucial to finding the right fit and avoiding unmanageable debt.




Cozy Wittman - Education and Partnerships
Education and networking are a way of life for Cozy. She has spent her career developing partnerships and helping others and runs both the College Inside Track parent events as well as professional development for those who work with families with high school students. Cozy is passionate about helping families find the right college fit for their students. She is excited to continue to extend the reach of College Inside Track to connect with organizations and families interested in learning more about the complex college process. She is a mom of five, and having recently sent her youngest off to college, she is no stranger to the challenge of the search.


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