IT Security Risk Assessment Lab

June 25, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm

1st person from organization - $500
2nd person from organization - $50

(Once you have registered the first person from your organization, you will receive a code in your confirmation email to use for the second person's registration.)

Lunch provided


Protecting Your Data and Reputation
Risk assessments show how much security is necessary to protect organizations—they establish defined minimum standards and tell you where you can stop.

Whomever said “there is never too much a good thing” clearly never tried to implement an information security program. In fact, too much security robs necessary resources which could be utilized to grow and operate the business. On the flip side, too little security exposes the organization to unwanted levels of risk which could potentially close its doors.

Risk Assessments assist organizations in creating a right-size information security program. One that defines acceptable levels of risk by determining the monetary impact of a security breach and controls necessary to align that dollar amount with the organizations risk appetite.

Join Ryan Elmer, Technology Risk Advisory Manager at Boulay, as he leads a working lab helping you create an Information Security Risk Assessment for your business. During the lab you will learn how to:

  • Quantify your organization’s information security risk exposure
  • Identify critical assets which need to be protected and more importantly, those that don’t.
  • Outline implemented controls and determine their effectiveness in avoiding or mitigating risk.
  • Establish maximum risk levels.
  • Determine additional controls which could be implemented and analyze how they impact risk.

Attendees will leave the lab with:

  • A methodology to make informed risk decisions
  • A partially completed matrix to analyze information security at your organization
  • Defined next steps to complete the matrix with other key stakeholders at the organization

Included in the fee is a consultation with Boulay Risk Advisory Staff to review the results of the risk analysis and determine what further action is needed, if any.

The IT Risk Assessment Matrix creates a common language for the IT Department and other executives—helping you:

  • Establish acceptable risk tolerance levels
  • Determine further actions for threats with unacceptable risk (avoid, mitigate, transfer, accept)
  • Identify necessary controls
  • Determine inefficient security spend



Ryan Elmer, Technology Risk Advisory Manager at Boulay
Ryan heads the Technology Risk specialty at Boulay. He assists clients within the realm of technology risk, including governance, risk management and compliance, and information security. Prior to joining the firm, Ryan held varying positions in the IT industry from technologist to auditor. A frantic author and popular speaker, Ryan enjoys educating on information security. When not in front of a computer, Ryan enjoys reading, playing a few instruments, collecting vinyl, infrequent exercise and being a dad.


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