Join us Tuesday, October 22nd for a cross-industry summit led by knowledgeable professionals as they discuss the effects of economic change.

Business Succession Summit Agenda

7:30: Check-In, Breakfast & Networking

8:00-8:10: Welcome

8:10-8:55: Top Legislative Priorities for MN Businesses


The Minnesota Chamber is a statewide organization representing more than 2,300 businesses of all types and sizes – and more than half a million employees – throughout Minnesota. The Chamber works tirelessly for its members; providing one-on-one business services, opportunities to grow their networks and knowledge base, and cultivating an economic environment where businesses stay and grow in our state.

A business climate that allows for innovation and forward-thinking leadership will help grow the strength of Minnesota’s economy for generations to come. Chamber President Doug Loon will provide an update about policies impacting Minnesota’s business climate.

9:00-9:45: Change Happens: How Guidance from Advisers Helps Businesses

This is panel discussion on how three business leaders work with their advisers and resources to help them make decisions when faced with change. Join in the discussions and ask questions of the panel to garner insight into how to best utilize your resources.

Panel Members:

Raj Mahajon, PropPoint Solutions

Linda Heuer, 121 Benefits


9:45-10:00: Break

10:00-11:15: Labor Force Changes

The economy in Minnesota and around the world is rapidly shifting. “Talent” – higher-order skills and education – is increasingly the key that allows workers to unlock job prospects, higher earnings, greater net worth and a host of affiliated benefits. Talented workers are essential to Minnesota’s current and future economic growth, especially in light of a wave of Baby Boomer retirements, slower labor force growth, and an increasingly diverse workforce.

Minnesota’s State Demographer, Susan Brower, will provide an update on changing demographic trends and show us why now is “the time for talent” in Minnesota.

11:15: Closing Remarks

11:30: Adjourn

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