Boulay PLLP announced today a new service, entitled Accounting Clarity, which provides outsourced accounting services for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking an affordable solution to their accounting needs, ranging from day-to-day tasks such as invoicing to more complex operations like developing financial strategies.


“By hiring Boulay to come in and help manage a business owners’ immediate or long-term accounting needs, they can focus their attention on what matters most to them—growing their business,” said Scott Manion, Accounting Advisory Partner at Boulay.


Accounting Clarity offers three tiers of service for customers to choose from. At the first tier, the Bookkeeper level provides basic accounting tasks. The Controller level offers all of the Bookkeeper-level services, as well as more challenging accounting duties. Finally, the CFO level provides all of the services of the first two tiers, as well as the most demanding undertakings of accounting and financial strategies.


“Not having to worry about their accounting issues frees up business owners to do what they actually enjoy and excel at,” said Jen Gaveske, Accounting Advisory Supervisor, who is leading the new service team at Boulay.


Accounting Clarity™ aims to provide companies with a knowledgeable professional who allows business owners to focus on their core business, manage costs and liabilities associated with accounting, get access to expert resources, and ensure their accounting is done accurately and efficiently. Acknowledging that all businesses have unique needs, this service can assist business owners by identifying opportunities and offering solutions that best serve those needs.