Boulay—a leading Twin Cities accounting and consulting firm—was recently named a “Best of the Best” Firm by INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) for 2018. Boulay, the only firm from Minnesota to be selected for this year’s list, is among a group that includes the highest performers within the public accounting profession and was ranked on more than 50 metrics.


According to the IPA, “The 2018 Best of the Best firms produce superior financial results while planning for long-term, sustainable growth.”


Best of the Best firms represent the top 10% of all firms that participated in the 2018 IPA Survey and Analysis of Firms. IPA’s proprietary scoring formula looks at a variety of metrics related to growth, income, productivity, tools of governance, staff turnover, time management and other areas that speak to the framework of the firm to determine the Best of the Best.


“Most firms don’t aspire to be average. Best of the Best firms are the peer group to which progressive firms aspire,” says Michael Platt, principal of the Platt Group and publisher of IPA. “In presenting the results of the IPA Best of the Best, we are proud to continue the tradition of expanding the imagination and the understanding of what is possible to achieve in running a public accounting firm.”


Kelly Platt, publisher of INSIDE Public Accounting, says firm leaders who are looking to improve can look to the results produced by the IPA Best of the Best. “Best of the Best firms show that discipline, planning and a systematic approach to improvement can result in measurable progress toward their goals. In a rapidly changing business environment, Best of the Best firms thrive.”


A full list of the 2018 IPA Best of the Best firms can be found on the INSIDE Public Accounting website.