Outsourced CFO Services

Accounting Clarity can help your company streamline everyday functions, deliver real-time information, and provide foundational support to protect your business from critical issues in your finances. We utilize professional and online sources that strike at the core of your accounting needs.

Financial Management and Business Advisory Services

We offer a unique, scalable accounting approach design to help you make your business more productive, cost-effect, and stable.

Accounting Clarity can help you develop consistency between your business plan and your organization’s overall vision and general strategy. We can help you implement your strategy throughout your organization including providing meaningful incentives, benchmarks, and goals.

We provide administrative, financial, and risk management operations of your company. Our specialists include the development of an economic and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

To improve your current business and tax, we can bring your database up to date, plan and communicate your strategy to appropriate personnel, and track & measure your progress. From there, we will help you analyze and evolve your strategy as needed.

Performance measures help you gauge your company’s success in any given area. You can measure your top management’s performance in terms of sales volume, market share, cash flow, profit, ROI, KPI, dividends, and market value.

Whether you are buying or a selling a company, Accounting Clarity can help you prepare for the complex and time-consuming issues that will arise, as well as the many material decisions that you will make to successfully carry out the M&A process. We can guide you through key strategic, negotiating, and diligence considerations involved in the typical sale of a privately held company.

Building a healthy relationship with your bank is one of the most tasks facing your company. Having a bank in your corner, however, can spell the difference between success and failure in creating a stable business and in having the flexibility to manage and guide it no matter what the business climate throws your way.

We can work with investors to secure capital funding for your corporation. We can also locate underwriters who can provide standard funding or issue stocks or bonds. You may even be ready for an initial public offering (IPO).

With accounting change and a greater SEC focus on financial reporting and disclosure violations, having Account Clarity in your corner is necessary. We can help you stay current with financial reporting, disclosure violations, and associated risks. We can also keep you up-to-date on new revenue standards, as well as leasing requirements that may apply to your company.

Our accounting team can boost your credibility with investors by maintaining a healthy business relationship with external auditors. Accounting Clarity can help you stay on top of regulatory changes and other aspects of risk management.

Does your company carry the right type and amount of insurance for your property and employees? If your business is currently uninsured, we can review and evaluate your professional insurance needs. The nature of your business is affected by potential liability. We can help you fill in the gaps to make sure you are covering all your insurance bases.

Quickbooks and Online Bookkeeping Services

We provide online and virtual bookkeeping services that allow you to access your accounting records quickly. Our team consists of professional and experienced bookkeepers who are certified in QuickBooks. We specialize in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual virtual bookkeeping services.

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Accounting Clarity offers complete accounting services designed to help modern business. We utilize modern accounting methods and online tools to give you more accounting and bookkeeping options.

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