Technology Risk Consulting

Information Technology has become increasingly complex and now more than ever, maintaining a strong IT control environment is critical to the success of your business. Providing assurance that your company can protect its information is a matter of necessity for any organization. With an experienced team of IT Risk professionals, Boulay can help you identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your IT control environment.

Your IT Audit is Better with Boulay

Boulay partners with you by evaluating your IT infrastructure, identifying deficiencies in internal controls and providing tailored solutions and recommendations for enhancing your control environment. Whether you’re seeking a full-scope or limited scope engagement, our IT audits can provide you a detailed assessment on the design adequacy and operating effectiveness of controls related to:

  • User Access
  • Physical Security
  • Change Management
  • IT Operations
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Cybersecurity and Incident Response

Boulay’s Technology Risk professionals are experienced in a wide variety of industries and are ready to help you enhance your IT security, protect your information and grow your business.


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