State and Local Tax (SALT) Services

State and local tax rules affect all business, big and small. These tax laws vary from state to state, making it critical for you to understand your company’s compliance obligations — especially if your company operates in multiple states. Many businesses routinely overpay, missing opportunities for tax savings. Others inadvertently underpay and face unexpected penalties and interest as a result.

How we help you get there

Boulay helps you understand your nexus — your requirements to collect and pay taxes in the states where you do business. This includes informing you of any taxes you may owe as a result of using the internet to conduct business across state lines. We also assist with tax audits, guiding you through the preparation and management of your audit, serving as the auditor’s key contact for questions, and working through any audit appeals.

Boulay offers a variety of SALT services designed to help you and your business minimize taxes while maximizing growth, equity, and cash flow. We remain current on tax legislation and your specific tax situation, identifying key tax planning opportunities and addressing SALT issues before they negatively affect your company.

Our SALT services include:

  • Nexus studies
  • SALT due diligence reviews
  • Audit defense
  • State income tax planning
  • Sales tax recovery services
  • Business tax credits and incentives search

Get a Review of your State Income Tax Exposure

In recent years, new tax laws have made it more difficult for businesses to ensure they are in compliance with state income tax or other state taxes they may need to file. Operating a business in multiple states may generate more revenue, but it also increases tax complexity.

Boulay helps businesses understand their multi-state tax exposure and where they need to file. To set up a complimentary meeting, click here to fill out a Nexus Questionnaire, and if you answer “yes” to any of the questions, you may have multi-state tax obligations and we will contact you to discuss.