IT Audit and Gap Assessment

Information technology (IT) systems have become increasingly complex with the implementation of controls being more important than ever. Providing assurance that your company can protect itself from breaches in security, or has incident procedures in place, is a matter of necessity for any modern business. With an experienced team to evaluate general controls deficiencies, Boulay will help you get there.

Your IT Audit is Better with Boulay

Boulay partners with you to evaluate IT deficiencies, detect gaps and will perform risk mitigation by utilizing a methodology that accesses some of the following controls:

  • NIST 800-171
  • Microsoft SSPA DPR

Talk to the Experts

A strong IT control structure is critical to you company’s security, and while you know your business, we make it our business to ensure your information is protected. Connect with an advisor to prepare yourself for a safer tomorrow.


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