IT Risk Assessment

IT & Business rarely speak using the same language, but they share a common tongue when it comes to one area – risk. A solid risk assessment provides a shared resource for management, shareholders and IT professionals with a clear picture of inherent risk, actions taken to mitigate threats, and when risk is managed to an acceptable level.

Our Technology Risk Assessment Team provide businesses with the means to take action to prioritize key risk areas or to divert spending from areas of overinvestment.

Your Boulay Risk Assessment Matrix

Our Boulay Risk Assessment plan provides the following information pertinent to your organization’s digital assets:

  • Potential threat(s) and vectors (methods of infiltration) to information assets
  • Total business impact and damage estimates
  • Inherent risk levels
  • Log of pertinent controls employed
  • Log of controls considered and rejected
  • Residual risk levels
  • Managerial advisement and risk decision facilitation

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