Wealth Management

Summiting the peak of a “fourteener” (mountain over 14,000 feet) is a lifetime quest for many outdoor enthusiasts. Experienced alpinists plan ahead. They know properly preparing and managing their journey is key to achieving their goal. And, the view is worth it!

Like climbing, managing your wealth begins with the goal of not just reaching the summit, but returning safely back down the mountain. For most of us, that path is a result of managing a wide range of concerns – building and preserving your wealth, managing risk, estate planning, capital gains planning, and even the succession of your business.

How we help you get there

Working closely with a Boulay wealth advisor and tax professional integrates wealth planning and retirement planning with estate and income tax optimization strategies—creating a custom plan to help you reach your goals. Using our knowledge and experience, we incorporate eMoney, the latest financial management technology to guide our wealth planning process. The process includes a detailed financial analysis combined with tax optimization, risk management and estate planning recommendations designed to help you reach the summit and return safely. Our process involves:

  • Educate. Understanding brings confidence in making keen decisions. The first step is a two way process—learning about each other and discovering your objectives and how we can help you get there.
  • Engage. At this point, we will mutually agree on the scope of the engagement, the expectations of both parties and disclose the related fees.
  • Explore. Taking a deeper dive into your situation by listening, gathering additional information and identifying specific goals and how they intersect with your finances.
  • Engineer. Using our wealth management team knowledge and experience and the latest in financial management software we construct your customized and integrated wealth accumulation plan and then present it for your understanding and approval.
  • Execute. Once you approve the plan, you and your team of wealth advisors put it into action
  • Evaluate. After implementing, we provide ongoing monitoring to keep you on your path and make adjustments as they become necessary.

You may be on your way to the summit, already enjoying the view or trekking back down the mountain. Whether you want a wealth plan to secure your retirement path, assistance managing your investments or preparing for any storms you may encounter along your way, our process works with you to help your goals become a reality.


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