Employer Retirement Plans

Hiking through the mountains with a large group is easier with a knowledgeable guide. It speeds up the process, eliminates navigation errors, and reduces the stress of planning everything out along the way. As a business leader or owner, you wear many hats, and chances are, traversing a 401(k) retirement plan isn’t at the top of your list. Turning to Boulay’s 401(k) resources can help you select and maintain the best retirement plan for your organization. We design, implement, administer, and monitor:
  • 401(k) s
  • Safe harbor 401(k)
  • Profit sharing
  • Cross-tested profit sharing
  • SIMPLE and SEP plans
  • Other retirement plans

How we help you get there

As an independent firm, we specialize in developing a retirement plan tailored to the needs of your company. Because we want you to benefit from your relationship with Boulay, you receive value that reflects a positive return for the dollars you spend. Our customized support process ensures you have a safe, effective, and efficient plan and may include:

  • Assistance selecting an appropriate investment platform for your plan
  • Plan design tailored to your financial goals and objectives
  • An ongoing employee education plan

Our 401(k) team’s primary goal is to make your job easier. Boulay’s support may include:

  • Communicating employee notifications and disclosures
  • Investment committee support and creating policy statements
  • Timeliness of contributions
  • Identifying and eliminating potential conflicts of interest
  • Benchmarking your plan’s fees and reasonableness
  • Increasing participation

Whether your employees are just starting out in their career, saving money for children’s college education or making the transition into retirement, our solutions meet them where they are and may include:

  • Customized education and enrollment (One-on-one, temporary on-site office visits, webinars or large group experiences)
  • Provide quarterly performance reports (grouped with all managed accounts, if desired)
  • Offer quarterly newsletter with market and economic highlights
  • Single point of contact avoiding tedious call centers
  • Easy to use platforms to help manage plans through computers, tablets or mobile devices

As the plan administrator, you have a full plate that doesn’t just include 401(k) benefits. Boulay’s 401(k) retirement plan resources help you stay smart on a complex compliance-driven benefit without feeling like it dominates your other responsibilities. We make the human resource role a little easier with services that may include:

  • Management of current plans or assistance in transition to other 401(k) plans
  • Provide quarterly performance reports (grouped with all managed accounts, if desired)
  • Offer quarterly newsletter with market and economic highlights
  • Combined investment advisory and third party administration
  • Plan design expertise so all employees can fully enjoy the benefits
  • Customized education plans for employee retirement readiness
  • Regular monitoring and measuring of your plan’s progress

We also provide the following 401(k) plan services that may include:

  • Accounting, including income and contributions allocation, and financial statement preparation
  • Discrimination testing for 401(k) plans, top heavy, and other testing
  • Assistance with participant distributions
  • Form 5500 and related schedules
  • Summary annual reports
  • IRS forms reporting distributions to participants
  • Participant loan accounting, including interest computation, preparation of promissory notes, and payments monitoring
  • Preparation of plan documents, including plan, summary plan description, and loan policy

Boulay’s 401(k) experience comes from many years as a guide–administering benefit plans and providing investment advisory services to groups of all sizes. Our goal is to provide a safe, transparent and efficient journey to the summit, for you and your employees.

Get a Review of your Existing Employee-Sponsored Retirement Plan Boulay’s advisors help you choose and maintain the best retirement plan for your organization. Let us design, implement, administer, and monitor your 401(k), safe harbor 401(k), profit sharing, cross-tested profit sharing and other retirement plans.