Investment Management

As you climb the mountain to retirement, heading in the right direction and taking the best route with your investments is important. Just as in hiking, while a risky route with a big payoff may suite one person, a more conservative approach that offers reliable outcomes will be more beneficial to another. In determining what’s best for you, our investment management approach focuses on a dynamic process rather than selling products. Our advisors provide you with direction by developing a diversified long-term investment strategy designed for you. Based on the unique needs of each client, portfolios are diversified across asset classes such as cash, bonds, U.S. stocks, international stocks and real estate. We help our clients “get there” by adhering to an integrated process of planning, implementing and monitoring.

How we help you get there

  • Determine and define specific investment goals and objectives
  • Perform a thorough risk analysis to determine tolerance and capacity for risk
  • Develop a diversified investment strategy which provides a blueprint for investment decisions
  • Access to over 8,000 mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on a no-load or load-waived basis
  • Access to qualified portfolio managers
  • Prepare all necessary paperwork and forms to establish the accounts
  • Facilitate the transfer of current holdings
  • Establish periodic investment or withdrawal programs (if desired)
  • Initiate purchase and sale transactions
  • Hold individual securities (stocks or bonds) in the portfolio
  • Provide monthly account statement
  • Provide quarterly performance reports (grouped with all managed accounts, if desired)
  • Offer quarterly newsletter with market and economic highlights
  • Ongoing analysis and due diligence on investments
  • Rebalance portfolio when necessary
  • Maintain cost basis information for tax reporting purposes
  • Consider tax implications of investment decisions
  • Meetings and phone conferences to discuss ongoing financial needs and changes
  • Recommend changes to Investment Strategy

Boulay’s Wealth Management Advisors help you determine which direction to take with your investments by planning, implementing and monitoring as you climb the mountain to retirement and descend safely into your next journey. There are many different routes to take, and your wealth advisor can help you find the best one that meets your individual situation and goal

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Developing a diversified long-term investment strategy designed for you is important for reaching your goals. Boulay can help you determine your risk management and define your investment objectives.