Retirement Income Planning

Summiting the peak of a mountain is a lifetime quest for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, the ultimate goal is not the top, but to reach the summit and then return safely back down. When most climbing accidents occur on the descent, it is this second half of the journey that presents the greatest risk...and requires the most planning.

The same can be said for retirement planning. Most people focus on saving money for their retirement—the climbing to the top or accumulation phase. But retirees also need to focus on how to make their money last throughout retirement, or other words, climbing back down safely. It is during the descent or income distribution phase that you encounter unique and potentially devastating risks causing you to run out of money. These risks include market, longevity or life expectancy, inflation, health, taxation and liquidity to name a few.

How we help you get there

For this reason, Boulay Financial Advisors created our retirement planning solution around managing these risks and helping simplify the complexity of retirement income planning. Following our wealth management process, we combine tax knowledge with wealth management experience and incorporate eMoney, the latest financial management technology to help you build an integrated retirement plan that includes:

  • Transitioning your investment portfolio from an accumulation allocation to one that fits your retirement income plan.

  • Determining the withdrawal percentage of savings each year that will be sustainable throughout your retirement.

  • Formulating a strategic income plan for when you take income from your different accounts such as 401k’s, traditional and ROTH IRA’s, pensions, annuities, taxable accounts and your Social Security benefits that minimizes the overall tax burden on those savings.

  • Recommending risk management strategies that protect you against the key risks you will face during retirement.

  • Estate tax planning, gifting and charitable giving strategies.

Whether you’re in the ascending the retirement mountain phase or turning your accumulated assets into an income stream, our wealth advisors can design a tax optimized retirement strategy that meets your goals. Using the R.I.S.K. Process™ we can help simplify retirement planning and guide you through the process of building a Retirement Income Survival Kit™.

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