Retirement Planning

Most people focus on saving money for their retirement but knowing your retirement goals is just as critically important. Aligning both helps you find peace of mind.

There are also many unique and potentially devastating risks to keep in mind when planning for retirement. Inflation, health care costs, taxes and long-term care are just a few examples that can impact your retirement income.

Boulay Financial Advisors created our retirement planning solution around managing these risks and helping simplify the complexity of retirement income planning based on your age, goals and values.

How we help you get there

Using our WeathNAVTM Experience, we combine tax knowledge with wealth management experience to help business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and wealthy families build an integrated retirement plan that includes:

  • Transitioning your investment portfolio from an accumulation allocation to one that fits your retirement income plan
  • Cash flow analysis to determine the withdrawal percentage of savings each year that will be sustainable throughout your retirement
  • Formulating a strategic income plan to minimize the tax burden on savings from different accounts such as 401(k)s, traditional and ROTH IRAs, pensions, annuities, taxable accounts and Social Security benefits
  • Recommending risk management strategies that protect you against the key risks you will face during retirement
  • Estate tax planning, gifting and charitable giving strategies

Whether you’re saving for retirement or turning your accumulated assets into an income stream, our wealth advisors design a tax-optimized retirement strategy that meets your goals.


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