Specialty Services

Every mountain is different. Some parts of the route require more technical gear and help, while others can be achieved using basic hiking equipment. Similar to planning for a mountain expedition, your wealth plan may require different types of guidance or advice depending on what you experience during your journey

How we help you get there

Working with a Boulay wealth advisor gives you access to numerous resources to address your financial needs. Often times we uncover these needs during the wealth planning process, but they can also be discovered as you face changes in your family dynamics and ask us a simple question.

College costs continue to rise and the college funding options are sometimes hard to navigate, especially when it comes to understanding the tax benefits, risks and contribution limits. With many college savings options available, we can help guide you to alternatives that work best for your situation and maximize your savings.

Whether it’s coming up with care options for your elderly parents or planning for your future golden years, a Boulay wealth advisor can help you make tough decisions with information and suggestions that make sense for your circumstances. Services may include:

  • Future Cost Projections
  • Senior Benefits Education and Planning
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Life Settlements


Boulay wealth advisors walk you and your loved ones through the process of protecting assets, understanding crisis planning options, making smart financial choices to ensure quality care, and managing and administering daily financial affairs.

Debt Management and Budgeting. Managing debt and budgeting for multiple expenses is a concern for many people with home mortgages, car loans and student loans. A Boulay wealth advisor can help you formulate a plan for the eventual payoff of this, often, unavoidable deft. Long-term loans, such as mortgages, may even be funded through insurance solutions in the case of death or disability. Our wealth advisors can also help develop a debt relief plan for other types of liabilities, such as debt from credit cards or other types of loan

Many people seek the assistance of a divorce financial planner after a divorce settlement has been reached, but at that point it’s often too late to correct any oversights. Contacting a Boulay wealth advisor from the start can minimize regrets and help you arrive at a fair resolution that keeps both party’s best interests in mind.

With the help of our financial management software, we can run cash flow and retirement income scenarios to help you negotiate more effectively, reach a more equitable settlement and prepare for potential lifestyle changes ahead. Our services can include:

  • Asset Review
  • Tax Implications
  • Liability Studies
  • Statement of Net Worth Preparation
  • Budget Development
  • Long-term Financial Forecasting
  • Proposed Settlement Review
  • Long-term Cash Flow and Net Worth Analysis
  • Asset Transfer Assistance
  • Investment Management Consulting


Depending on your journey, having the right resources and advice can help you through life’s peaks and valleys. Contact a Boulay advisor today to help you understand your planning options and make smart choices for your future.