Wealth Accumulation Planning

In mountaineering, focused planning means crafting a well thought-out route that takes into consideration the unique terrain and challenges of the mountain. Similar to crafting a safe climbing route, wealth accumulation planning means establishing lifestyle and financial goals, then designing well thought-out strategies to achieve them. Your route may include strategies built around retirement savings, financial risk mitigation, income protection, investment management, tax planning and more.

How we help you get there

Working closely with a Boulay wealth advisor and tax professional helps manage your risks and optimize income and estate taxes. Following our wealth management process, this integrated process incorporates eMoney, the latest financial management technology, to help you build your wealth by:

Planning for success
A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional works with you to create a wealth accumulation plan that takes into consideration your lifestyle along with short and long-term goals. Our team based approach analyzes your current investments, cash flow, debt, income taxes and more to develop an integrated personalized wealth strategy for success.

Preparing for the unexpected
You may face unexpected hardships such as job loss, sickness, injury or premature death while saving for retirement. Boulay’s wealth advisors help outfit you with the proper tools, education and insurance strategies for surviving the personal and business storms of life and properly shelter your path to retirement.

Achieving retirement clarity
Reaching the ultimate summit experience—Retirement’s Peak can seem like a daunting endeavor. For this reason Boulay uses an integrated approach for “Achieving Retirement Clarity”—the ARC Process™. The process incorporates three checkpoints into one comprehensive plan to help you reach the retirement summit and enjoy the view.

  1. Cashflow Management

  2. Wealth Accumulation

  3. Income Protection

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