Estate, Trust & Gift Tax Planning

An effective estate plan helps you communicate your wishes, reduce your tax burden and distribute your assets to the people and organizations most dear to you.

How we help you get there

A holistic approach takes into consideration the different objectives you have throughout your life when it comes to retirement planning, charitable giving and caring for loved ones. We work with you to:

  • Determine your family needs and liquidity
  • Analyze your estate’s assets, including value and objectives
  • Determine the impact of will or trust agreements on your family, your financial status, or tax laws
  • Estimate the estate tax burden of your estate
  • Identify tax saving strategies for your estate
  • Develop a succession plan for your family business
  • Write a personal instruction letter for your family
  • Plan for lifetime gifts
  • Coordinate the implementation of your plan with other professionals (bankers, insurance agents, etc.)
  • Review and updates existing plans

Estate, Trust & Gift Tax Services

  • Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
  • Trusts for “S” Corporations
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
  • Disclaimer of Inheritance
  • Deferred Payment of Estate Taxes (Section 6166)
  • Charitable Giving Options including Charitable Trusts
  • Family Partnerships

Estate planning doesn’t end once all documents are signed. We continue working with you, your family, and your other advisors to put your plan into action, revise it as needed, and provide the necessary reporting.

Get a Review of your Existing Estate Plan

Boulay's wealth advisors help determine your family needs and analyze your estate’s assets. Whether you’re still working toward retirement or enjoying your time off, we'll help develop a comprehensive plan for your family.

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