Technology Risk Advisory

Technology risk is expanding exponentially and the threat to your business grows more complex as new technologies emerge daily. Taking control of your information security protects your organization and drives strategic, operational and enterprise value—not to mention helps you sleep a little sounder each night.

How we help you get there

Information Technology and its associated procedures, policies and regulations are complex. At Boulay, we pride ourselves in being able to simplify these complexities to provide the right solutions for your business. Others may provide a standardized assessment, but our team customizes our process to fit your company’s needs and size- big or small.

Whether you need to assess potential technology risks or take action to build compliance, Boulay will get you there.

Our Services

SOC 1 & 2
IT Audits and Gap Assessments
Information Security Risk Assessments
Vulnerability Assessment

Talk to the Experts

While you know your business, we make it our business to know the right steps to secure your information. Boulay partners with you to create a custom process tailored to your unique business needs. We provide you with the tools to make informed decisions regarding which costs are appropriate and assist in selecting only the aspects that provide security value to you.

Simplify the complex and connect with one of our advisors to review your needs and protect your future.

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