Technology Risk Advisory

Technology risk is expanding exponentially and the threat to your business grows more complex as new technologies and cyber risks emerge daily. Taking control of your information security protects your organization and drives strategic, operational and enterprise value—not to mention help you sleep a little sounder each night.

How we help you get there

Helping protect and drive your enterprise value, Boulay’s certified technical professionals deliver the services that give you a compliant and integrated defense strategy which addresses today’s regulatory requirements and tomorrow’s threats.

  • Compliance Audits and Attestations
  • Financial Institution - IT General Controls Review (ITGCR)
  • HIPAA - OCR Protocol Audit
  • ISO 27002
  • Sarbanes-Oxley/FDICIA Management Testing
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC1, SOC2, SOC3)
  • Consulting
  • vCISO
  • Committee building and leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • HITRUST Compliance as-a-service
  • Policy and Program Development
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Data Classification
  • Incident Response
  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Cloud
  • Cybercrime
  • Information Technology
  • Ransomware
  • Incident Monitoring and Detection
  • Network Architecture Review
  • Social Engineering
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Being prepared for a cyber-attack is critical in today’s increasingly digital world. While technology has improved your business operations and strategies, it has also given criminals an opportunity to significantly harm your organization. We work with you to minimize your cyber risk and build pragmatic, cost-effective information security programs.

Talk to the Experts

While you know your business, we make it our business to know the right steps to secure your information. Connect with an advisor to get a complimentary review of your existing cyber risk or a consultation to determine what your business needs to protect itself from this inevitable problem.

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